Fielding: Bridget Jones’s Diary

Cover of Fielding, Bridget Jones Diary

London-based thirty-something singleton Bridget Jones works ‘in publishing’.

From the book:

“I racked my brain frantically to think when I last read a proper book. The trouble with working in publishing is that reading in your spare time is a bit like being a dustman and snuffling through the pig bin in the evening. I’m halfway through Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, which Jude lent me, but I didn’t think Mark Darcy, though clearly odd, was ready to accept himself as a Martian quite yet. Then I had a brainwave.

Backlash, actually, by Susan Faludi,’ I said triumphantly. Hah! I haven’t exactly read it as such, but feel I have as Sharon has been ranting about it so much. Anyway, completely safe option as no way diamond-pattern-jumpered goody-goody would have read five-hundred-page feminist treatise.

‘Ah. Really?’ he said. ‘I read that when it first came out. Didn’t you find there was rather a lot of special pleading?’

‘Oh, well, not too much…’ I said wildly, racking my brains for a way to get off the subject.”

Bridget Jones’s Diary
First published by Picador, 1996
Multiple editions available
Helen Fielding is a newspaper and TV journalist and a bestselling novelist.

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