Davies & Balkwill: The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing

Cover of Davies and Balkwill, The Professionals' Guide to Publishing

A straightforward guide to working in the publishing industry, covering the key functions and sharing career advice.

From the book:

“Working with authors is one of the greatest pleasures but also one of the most difficult aspects of the job. Earlier we pointed out that publishing is almost unique in that the creators of the company’s products do not work for it. They have a kind of freelance relationship, which in turn involves a set of processes and responses that are different from those between employer and employee. The freelance offers his or her skills to a publishing company, which then decides if they are needed or wanted, and pays the freelance accordingly. If these freelances (your authors) turn out to be writers of successful books, you will want to keep them – by which time you might find yourself in competition to keep them!”

The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing
Kogan Page
Paperback, ebook, 2011
Gill Davies was formerly an academic publisher and Professor of Publishing at the University of the Arts London.
Richard Balkwill runs a training and consultancy business, focusing on publishing finance and the management of copyright and intellectual property.


1 Publishing – art or science?
2 Publishing as a business
3 The work of the commissioning editor
4 Marketing
5 Sales, distribution and the supply chain
6 Publishing services and production
7 Why publishers need to know about the law
8 Understanding how rights and permissions work
9 Careers in publishing

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