Bullock: Book Production

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An introduction to the management of book production, covering project management, project planning and the processes required to produce a finished book. Written from the perspective of a publisher (who needs to manage processes) rather than a typesetter or printer (who needs to execute them).

From the book:

“Schedules, whether draft or working, are a vital tool in project and production management because they allow a publisher to manage the time it takes to produce a product.
But schedules do more than that. They make it necessary for production to think through and test the logic of the entire project in terms of all its components and how they fit together before it even starts. They also make it possible for:

  • sales and marketing to plan promotion and publicity activities connected with the book, like author signings, reviews, media coverage on TV or radio, and the production of publicity materials to coincide with these
  • finance to know when suppliers’ invoices are due for payments so that finance can better manage the company’s cashflow
  • the warehouse, distribution and booksellers to know when stock is going to be delivered.

With so many people involved in doing do many different things, their work needs to be co-ordinated, and the best way to do this is through the schedule. The more detailed and comprehensive a schedule the better it is.”

Book Production
Hardback, paperback, ebook, 2012
Adrian Bullock is Principal Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University


PART I: Production and project management
1 Project and production management
2 Planning the product
3 Implementation, monitoring and controlling
PART II: Processes and raw materials
4 Pre-press
5 Raw materials
6 Printing
7 Binding
8 Getting stock to the warehouse
Technical data related to standard sheet, reel, and book sizes
A section on paper measurements and calculations
List of trade journals and useful reference books

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