Campbell: Academic and Professional Publishing

Cover of Campbell, Academic and Professional Publishing

A contributed volume that reviews changes in academic and professional publishing and the approaches publishers are using to adapt to new challenges. Has an emphasis on journal publishing.

From the book:

“As in any business, it is critical to understand the needs of stakeholders and dynamics of the market, and this is no different for academic and professional publishers. While the ecosystem for scholarly content is highly complex, comprising a range of established and emerging fields of study, as its core it is very simple:
• Researchers want their research to be recognised by their peers and therefore further their reputation and career.
• By publishing the research and helping researchers to be recognised, the publisher generates revenue.
• The library serves its community by providing cost-effective access to relevant teaching and research materials.

Academic and Professional Publishing
Paperback, ebook, 2012
Robert Campbell is a Senior Publisher at Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.


1 Introduction: overview of academic and professional publishing
2 Peer review in a rapidly evolving publishing landscape
3 The scholarly ecosystem
4 The digital revolution
5 Publishing and communication strategies
6 Development of journal publishing business models and finances
7 Development of book publishing business models and finances
8 Editorial and production workflows
9 Electronic publishing standards
10 Citation, bibliometrics and quality: assessing impact and usage
11 Relating content to the user
12 Sales, licensing and marketing
13 The evolving role of libraries in the scholarly ecosystem
14 Publishing ethics and integrity
15 Legal aspects and copyright
16 Relationship management
17 Does journal publishing have a future?
18 External forces and their impacts on academic and professional publishing
19 Career development in academic and professional publishing
20 Epilogue: trust in academic and professional publishing

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