Hall: The Business of Digital Publishing

Cover of Hall, The Business of Digital Publishing

An introduction to the development of digital products in the book and journal industries, exploring challenges and new business models across different sectors of the industry.

From the book:

“Publishers have developed expertise in content; finding it, nurturing it, developing it and producing it. Publishers see this as one of the important aspects of their role. In the traditional publishing value chain, content is one of the points of scarcity. Publishers are able to find and nurture authors and put their work into a format that can be distributed as effectively as possible. The crafting of that content is helped along by publishers, whether editing content at an early stage or preparing the content for publication, with the aim of achieving high quality where possible… However, the digital age has introduced certain cahanges into the environment that render some aspects of the publishing value chain less critical than before. Clearly the ease with which publishing can occur on the internet means that some of the value that publishers traditionally added has become something most individuals can undertake if they wish.”

The Business of Digital Publishing: An Introduction to the Digital Book and Journal Industries
Hardback, paperback, ebook, 2013
Frania Hall is Senior Lecturer at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.


PART 1: Technology context for digital publishing
1 Digital production
2 Structure for data
3 Working with the web
4 Organising and storing content
5 The context for ebook formats and ereaders
PART 2: Publishing sectors
6 Developments in digital professional reference publishing
7 Developments in digital publishing for the academic market
8 Developments in digital publishing in the education market
9 Developments in digital publishing for consumer markets
PART 3: Digital publishing issues
10 Copyright, piracy and other legal issues
11 Rights sales and new digital publishing opportunities
12 The pricing dilemma
13 Content and the new market players
14 Futurising publishing structures
15 Final word

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