Hand & Middleditch: Design for Media

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A practical guide to print and online design and layout.

From the book:

“Although the creative process can appear to be artistic rather than businesslike, to ensure that you achieve the correct result within the schedule, it needs to be carefully managed. The development of a media product design follows a number of stages…”

Internal page of Hand and Middleditch, Design for Media

Design for Media: A Handbook for Students and Professionals in Journalism, PR and Advertising
Routledge (Originally published by Pearson)
Paperback, ebook, 2013
Di Hand is Associate Lecturer at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London and the University of West London, Steve Middleditch is Senior Lecturer at the University of West London.


Publisher’s acknowledgements
1 The Evolution of Publishing Media
2 Twenty-first Century Media: Design in Practice
3 Cross-media Production: Print and Web Publishing
4 Pre-planning a Publication and Website
5 Information Design
6 Content Visualisation and Structure: Type
7 Content Visualisation and Structure: Pictures
8 Content Visualisation and Structure: Colour
9 Building a Print or Web Page
10 Going to Press – Publishing on the Web
Contacts and Resources
Bibliography and Recommended Study
Recommended Reading and Viewing

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