Bhaskar: The Content Machine

Cover of Bhaskar, The Content Machine

The Content Machine is a concise study of the past and present of publishing that outlines a theory of publishing based on content, market making and making public.

From the book:

“Disintermediation and copyright are hardly the only issues on a publisher’s agendas. For the most part they aren’t even near the top. The following are of more immediate concern: the evolving, multimedia nature of content already discussed and the risky investments therein; collapsing high street retail, and the associated problems of title visibility and falling sales; a corresponding increase in remaining retailer power; difficulties of selling digital products; reskilling and hiring new staff; falling print runs, rising print costs and price pressures on ebooks.
Every week brings a new set of issues to the forefront of beleagured publishers. These are publishing challenges, not challenges to publishing. That is a key distinction.”

The Content Machine: Towards a Theory of Publishing from the Printing Press to the Digital Network
Anthem Press
Paperback, ebook, 2013
Michael Bhaskar is Co-founder of digital publishing company Canelo.


Introduction: Useful middlemen

1 The problem of publishing
2 The digital context and challenge
3 How content works
4 The system of publishing
5 Models
6 Addressing problems, meeting challenges
Conclusion: Inside the content machine