Greco et al: The Book Publishing Industry

Cover of Greco, The Book Publishing Industry

A comprehensive overview of the publishing industry packed with useful data. Takes a strong US bent.

From the book:

“There is stark uncertainty in the book business. Every book is in a tournament fighting for sales and attention against every other new and backlist book. So book publishing is geared to adapt, and adapt rather quickly. If a title falters, if exceptional efforts fail to trigger the sought-after ‘buzz’, then it is likely that another book garners the attention of sales representatives and marketing executives, and in this business there is a veritable flood of new books.”

The Book Publishing Industry
Third Edition, Routledge
Paperback, 2014
Albert N. Greco is Professor of marketing at Fordham University.
Jim Milliot is co-editorial director of Publishers Weekly.
Robert M. Wharton is professor of the Management Systems Department at Fordham University’s Schools of Business Administration.


About the Authors
1 Book Publishing: An Introduction
2 New Book Title Output, Book Categories and Prices, Economic Data, Sales, Returns and the Channels of Distribution
3 The Development of Modern Book Publishing Companies: History and Analysis
4 Business Operations
5 The Editorial Process
6 Editors, Book Acquisitions, Production, Operations, and Costs
7 Marketing and Selling Books
8 The Book Publishing Industry Confronts the Twenty-First Century’s Challenges
Appendix: US Bestsellers 1994 to 2011

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