Woll: Publishing for Profit

Cover of Woll, Publishing for Profit

Publishing for Profit is a comprehensive practical guide to running a publishing business, with an emphasis on strategic planning. Includes template forms and sample systems.

From the book:

“Many publishers ask how many books are necessary to ensure their success in the marketplace. They wonder, “Is there a critical mass of books that must be published to ensure their recognition and sale within the market?” The answer to this question is simple. It’s not the number of new books you publish that’s important, but the quality and consistency with which they are published. That’s the key! If your budget limits you to only two books per year, that’s fine, as long as you continue to publish at least that number each year. That way your reps, distributors, wholesale buyers, and retail buyers begin to know you – and begin to understand your publishing program. If you can publish two books a year well, and do so on time, providing all the support needed to make each book visible and achieve solid sell-through via your chosen sales channel, then you will, through consistency, become credible.”

Publishing for Profit: Successful bottom-line management for book publishers
Fifth Edition,
Chicago Review Press
Paperback, ebook, 2014
Thomas Woll is president of Cross River Publishing Consultants and was formerly vice president and general manager of the Professional and Trade Division of John Wiley & Sons.



PART I: The world of publishing
1 C3 – Commitment, consistency, credibility
2 The publishing environment
PART II: Managerial organization: Strategy and techniques
3 Define your niche
4 Make planning primary
5 Keep your staff lean (but not necessarily mean)
6 Protect your assets
PART III: Functional organization: Strategy and techniques
7 The editorial process / content management
8 Production and manufacturing
9 Sales… and more sales
10 Subsidiary rights
11 Direct response marketing: Internet 101
12 Operations, fulfillment, and accouting
13 Electronic publishing and marketing
14 Returns

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