New Hart’s Rules

Cover of New Hart's Rules

A concise and authoritative professional reference for writers and editors preparing text for publication. Provides guidance on issues such as spelling and hyphenation, punctuation, capitalisation, abbreviations and symbols, references and indexing.

From the book:

“Some or all aspects of the publisher’s house style are usually set out in a style sheet or style guide. Ideally this document will form part of the instruction sent to authors, so that they can follow the house style in creating the work. If this is not done, or if authors follow a different style, it may be necessary for the copy-editor to change the editorial style of the work in the course of editing it.
In some cases – where consistency across multiple publications is important to the integrity of the material – house style or an appropriate adaptation of it should always be imposed; examples include: issues of a journal, individual volumes in a multi-volume publication (including reference works) [and] closely integrated series.”

New Hart’s Rules: The Oxford Style Guide
Second Edition, Oxford University Press
Hardback, ebook, 2014
Edited by Oxford University Press


1 The parts of a book
2 Preparing copy
3 Spelling and hyphenation
4 Punctuation
5 Capitalization
6 Names
7 Italic, roman, and other type treatments
8 Wok titles in text
9 Quotations and direct speech
10 Abbreviations and symbols
11 Numbers and dates
12 Languages
13 Law and legal references
14 Science, mathematics, and computing
15 Lists and tables
16 Illustrations
17 Notes and references
18 Bibliography
19 Indexing
20 Copyright and other publishing responsibilities
21 US and UK English
Proofreading marks
Glossary of printing and publishing terms

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