Baverstock: How to Market Books

Cover of Baverstock, How to Market Books

A comprehensive introduction to marketing within publishing, including how to write a marketing plan, direct marketing and publicity and PR. Features real-life case studies and advice for a range of different market sectors.

From the book:

“A product’s price is integral to the offering made to the customer; it will be understood as part of the package, not something apart. There are a number of elements ot be juggled to achieve the best outcome. The price is what the customer eventually pays, but it will be discounted to retailers and wholesalers who sell on the organisation’s behalf, the discount allowing for the costs they incur during the selling process (premises, stocking, advertising and promotion, postage, discounting, etc.). “

How to Market Books
Fifth edition, Routledge
Hardback, paperback, ebook, 2015
Alison Baverstock is Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Publishing, Kingston University


PART 1: General principles and understanding
1 Marketing and marketing in publishing
2 What’s for sale?
3 Understanding the market: Market research and other sources of market information
4 Profit, loss and accountability
PART 2: Putting this into practice
5 The medium is the message
6 How to write a marketing plan
7 Selling
8 Direct marketing
9 Online marketing
10 Publicity and PR
11 Working with authors and other vital partnerships
12 Organising events, presentations and other opportunities to share content
13 Techniques for writing effective copy
14 The layout and dissemination of marketing materials
PART 3: Specific advice for particular markets
15 Approaching specific interest markets; the value and significance of niche in publishing
15.1 Finding the general reader
15.2 Marketing children’s books
15.3 Selling resources to public libraries
15.4 Promoting to university academics
15.5 Selling to academic libraries
15.6 Selling to educational markets
15.7 Marketing to doctors and other healthcare professionals
15.8 Selling to professional and industrial markets

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