Owen: Selling Rights

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A comprehensive practical handbook on the promotion and sales of intellectual property rights by publishers. Also a useful reference for students.

From the book:

“The range of rights that can be licensed has continued to expand over the years, reflecting wider trading between different countries as political and economic circumstances change, new channels of book supply and the development of new technologies with potential for exploiting the written word in a variety of ways – the all-pervasive influence of the internet, the increasing importance of social networking sites now dominated by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as sites such as YouTube (video material), Flickr (photos), Tumblr (blogging) and SecondLife, and the advent of new platforms and new forms of publication such as e-books and downloadable audio-books, are probably the most significant developments in the last 25 years.”

Selling Rights
Seventh edition, Routledge
Hardback, paperback, ebook, 2015
Lynette Owen was formerly Copyright Director of Pearson Education


1 Rights: the historical and legal background
2 The publishing contract: Who should control the rights?
3 An expanding range of possibilities
4 The rationale behind rights sales
5 Selling rights: Who and how?
6 Tackling the task: Essentials
7 Rights selling: a range of methods
8 Book fairs and sales trips: Preparation, survival and follow-up
9 English-language territorial rights: Coeditions and licences
10 Book club rights
11 Paperback rights
12 Low-price reprint rights
13 Other reprint rights
14 Serial rights and one-shot periodical rights
15 Digest and condensation rights
16 Translation rights: Coeditions and licences
17 Anthology and quotation rights
18 Rights for the reading impaired
19 Single-voice readings
20 Audio recording and video recording rights
21 Dramatization and documentary rights: Stage, radio, television and film rights
22 Merchandising rights
23 Collective licensing
24 The internet and publishing
25 Electronic publishing and multimedia rights
26 Supply of duplicate production material to licensees
Appendix 1: Glossary of common terms used in rights
Appendix 2: Territories often sought as exclusive by British publishers
Appendix 3: Useful names and addresses

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