Lyons & Rayner: The Academic Book of the Future

Cover of Lyons and Rayner, The Academic Book of the Future

A contributed collection exploring the future of the academic book and scholarly publishing from the perspective of academics, publishers, libraries and booksellers. An open-access output from the AHRC-funded Academic Book of the Future Project.

From the book:

“Whatever the new functions of the ‘book’ are to be, they will be influenced by the existing scaffolding around scholarly communications – as built up by publishers, libraries, intermediaries, funder requirements, tenure committees, and so on. The transition we are experiencing is taking place within a charged environment of conflicting and competing forces. Many are excited about these new digital affordances. But in reality, there are sunken investments in existing scaffolding within the ecology, entrenched interests in the status quo, and very real concerns about the varying speed at which good people who care about scholarship are able to adapt (or not) to the new world.”

The Academic Book of the Future
Palgrave Macmillan
Hardback, ebook, 2016
Rebecca Lyons is a Research Associate at University College London.
Samantha Rayner is Senior Lecturer in Publishing at University College London.


Notes on contributors
Introduction: The academic book of the future

PART I: Academics
1 The academic book as socially-embedded media artefact
2 Wearable books
3 The impossible constellation: Practice as a viable alternative
PART II: Publishers
4 The academic book of the future and the need to break boundaries
5 The academic ‘book’ of the future and its function
6 The university press and the academic book of the future
PART III: Librarians
7 National libraries and academic books of the future
8 Strategic engagement and librarians
9 Academic libraries and academic books: Vessels of cultural continuity, agents of cultural change
PART IV: Booksellers
10 Selling words: An economic history of bookselling
11 The future of the academic book: The role of booksellers
12 Back to the future: The role of the campus bookshop
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