Jones & Benson: Publishing Law

Cover of Jones and Benson, Publishing Law

A clear and authoritative guide to publishing within the law, for authors, editors and publishers. Covers copyright, publishing contracts, defamation and privacy.

From the book:

“Copyright should, literally, be the right to copy; in fact in legal terms it is better to think of it as the right to control copying by others. Put a little more precisely, copyright in the UK is the exclusive statutory right, given (usually) to those who create original works, to exercise control for a specified period of time over the copying and other exploitation of those works. It therefore gives creators two different, but matching rights: an exclusive, positive right to copy and exploit their own works, or license other people (such as publishers) to do it for them; and a negative right to prevent anyone else from doing so without their consent, coupled with powerful legal remedies for copyright infringement if they do.”

Publishing Law
Fifth Edition, Routledge
Hardback, paperback, ebook, 2016
Hugh Jones is a qualified solicitor and a former Copyright Counsel to The Publishers Association.
Christopher Benson is a solicitor at City law firm Taylor Wessing.


PART I: The law, and original works
1 Publishing and the law
2 Copyright I: Key principles
3 Copyright II: Copyright exceptions, licensing and open access
4 Other rights of authors and publishers
PART II: Commissioning: Publishing contracts
5 Author contracts
6 Other contracts
PART III: Delivery, editing and obligations on publication
7 Delivery, editing and obligations on publication
PART IV: Publish and be damned
8 Defamation and other risks
9 Confidentiality and privacy
10 Copyright infringement
11 Trade marks and passing off
PART V: Sales and supply
12 Sale of goods, digital content and consumer protection
13 Advertising and marketing
14 Distribution and export

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