Bullock: Book Production

Cover of Bullock, Book Production

An introduction to the management of book production, covering project management, project planning and the processes required to produce a finished book. Written from the perspective of a publisher (who needs to manage processes) rather than a typesetter or printer (who needs to execute them). From the book: “Schedules, whether draft or working, are a […]

Guthrie: Publishing Principles & Practice

Cover of Guthrie, Publishing Principles and Practice

Broad overview of UK and US publishing, including history, rights and digital issues. From the book: “The book is the first mass medium, remaining in essence the same as it has always been throughout five hundred years of print history… The demise of the printed book is a cultural shift, a paradigm change of epic […]

Darnton: The Case for Books

Cover of Darnton, The Case for Books

A collection of thoughtful essays exploring digital issues, from Google Books to open access. From the book: “Why then the continuing fascination with electronic publishing? It seems to have passed through three stages: an initial phase of utopian enthusiasm, a period of disillusionment, and a new tendency toward pragmatism. At first we thought  we could create […]

Squires: Marketing Literature

Cover of Squires, Marketing Literature

A set of case studies exploring how marketing strategies and activities affect the production and reception of popular novels. Features insightful case studies on American Psycho, Bridget Jones’s Diary, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Cloud Atlas, Harry Potter series, His Dark Materials trilogy, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Ghost Road, The God […]

Miller: Reluctant Capitalists

Cover of Miller, Reluctant Capitalists

Reluctant Capitalists is a research study of 100 years of American bookselling that explores consumer behaviour and changing bookselling practices. From the book: “Aside from classification considerations, the physical arrangement of books has a large impact on browsers’ likelihood of making a purchase. Books displayed face out, rather than spine out, are more likely to […]

Feather: A History of British Publishing

Cover of Feather, A History of British Publishing

Wide coverage of six hundred years of British book publishing, which emphasises the importance of copyright and the role of the publisher. From the book: “Mutality of interest in the sales of books led to mutality of interest in their publication. The 1699 edition of Abel Boyer’s Royal Dictionary appears to have been printed for […]

Manguel: A History of Reading

Cover of Manguel, A History of Reading

A wide-ranging and authoritative history of reading, drawing on the author’s own experiences to deliver an accessible and entertaining read. From the book: “…after a weekend spent with Agatha Christie and her second husband in their house in Devon, the English publisher Allen Lane, waiting for his train back to London, looked through the bookstalls […]