Bhaskar: The Content Machine

Cover of Bhaskar, The Content Machine

The Content Machine is a concise study of the past and present of publishing that outlines a theory of publishing based on content, market making and making public. From the book: “Disintermediation and copyright are hardly the only issues on a publisher’s agendas. For the most part they aren’t even near the top. The following […]

Feather: A History of British Publishing

Cover of Feather, A History of British Publishing

Wide coverage of six hundred years of British book publishing, which emphasises the importance of copyright and the role of the publisher. From the book: “Mutality of interest in the sales of books led to mutality of interest in their publication. The 1699 edition of Abel Boyer’s Royal Dictionary appears to have been printed for […]

Baines: Penguin by Design

Cover of Baines, Penguin by Design

70 years of Penguin paperback covers, explored in the context of publishing developments and decisions of the time. Includes analyses of individual designers and covers. Designed by David Pearson and highly illustrated. From the book: “…it was the Specials that made Penguin’s expansion and its domination of the paperback market possible. These were topical publications […]

Unwin: The Truth about Publishing

Title page of Unwin, The Truth about Publishing

A unique insider’s view of how publishing works. Published almost a century ago, it is a historical snapshot of the industry that also has relevance to today’s publishers. From the book: “The publisher’s task is no simple one, and the whole process of book publication is vastly more complicated than it was even a generation ago. […]

Hitchcock: The Building of a Book

Title page from Hitchcock, Building of a Book

The Building of a Book is a series of practical articles about producing and distributing books. Includes chapters relating to the role of the author and literary agent. Strong emphasis on the crafts and processes of print production. From the book: “…if every author prepared his copy carefully, so that there could be no possible […]

Timperley: Songs of the Press

Extract from Songs of the Press

Songs of the Press is a collection of songs and poetry relating to printing, publishing, writing and journalism. From the book: “The Epitaph No more shall copy bad perplex my brain; No more shall type’s small face my eye-balls strain; No more the proof’s foul page create me troubles, By errors, transpositions, outs and doubles; […]