Baverstock, Bowen & Carey: How to Get a Job in Publishing

Cover of Baverstock, How to get a Job in Publishing

A practical guide introducing different types of publishing and sharing information about how to find, apply for, interview and negotiate your first job in publishing. From the Foreword by Richard Charkin: “When I started in the publishing business finding a job was a matter of who you knew or (as in my case) pure luck. […]

Butcher’s Copy-editing

Cover of Copy-editing, Butcher

The authoritative reference for copy-editors, proofreaders, desk editors, production editors and other editorial staff. Covers how to prepare text and illustrations for designers and typesetters, the ground rules of house styles and how to read and correct proofs. Contains useful examples and checklists. From the book: “Look at the general organization. Are subheadings and numbered […]

Mitchell & Wightman: Book Typography

Cover of Mitchell and Wightman, Book Typography

A practical and thorough guide to typesetting printed books. From the book: “There are three standard ways of introducing notes into a text: footnotes, endnotes and sidenotes (also called shoulder notes). Footnotes are placed at the foot of the page, endnotes at the end of the main text, or alternatively at the end of the […]

Unwin: The Truth about Publishing

Title page of Unwin, The Truth about Publishing

A unique insider’s view of how publishing works. Published almost a century ago, it is a historical snapshot of the industry that also has relevance to today’s publishers. From the book: “The publisher’s task is no simple one, and the whole process of book publication is vastly more complicated than it was even a generation ago. […]

Hitchcock: The Building of a Book

Title page from Hitchcock, Building of a Book

The Building of a Book is a series of practical articles about producing and distributing books. Includes chapters relating to the role of the author and literary agent. Strong emphasis on the crafts and processes of print production. From the book: “…if every author prepared his copy carefully, so that there could be no possible […]