Woll: Publishing for Profit

Cover of Woll, Publishing for Profit

Publishing for Profit is a comprehensive practical guide to running a publishing business, with an emphasis on strategic planning. Includes template forms and sample systems. From the book: “Many publishers ask how many books are necessary to ensure their success in the marketplace. They wonder, “Is there a critical mass of books that must be […]

Stone: The Everything Store

Cover for Stone, The Everything Store

The inside story of Amazon and the man behind it’s birth, Jeff Bezos. Winner of the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year 2013. From the book: “Bezos concluded that a true everything store would be impractical – at least at the beginning. He made a list of twenty possible product categories, including computer […]

Hall: The Business of Digital Publishing

Cover of Hall, The Business of Digital Publishing

An introduction to the development of digital products in the book and journal industries, exploring challenges and new business models across different sectors of the industry. From the book: “Publishers have developed expertise in content; finding it, nurturing it, developing it and producing it. Publishers see this as one of the important aspects of their […]

Thompson: Merchants of Culture

A frank, insightful and accessible in-depth investigation into the realities of how publishers work and why the industry operates as it does. From the book: “The staff of every publishing house are constantly looking over their shoulders to see what their competitors are doing. The constantly scrutinize the bestseller lists and study their competitors’ more successful books to see […]

Unwin: The Truth about Publishing

Title page of Unwin, The Truth about Publishing

A unique insider’s view of how publishing works. Published almost a century ago, it is a historical snapshot of the industry that also has relevance to today’s publishers. From the book: “The publisher’s task is no simple one, and the whole process of book publication is vastly more complicated than it was even a generation ago. […]