Clark and Phillips: Inside Book Publishing

Cover of Clark and Phillips, Inside Book Publishing

The standard introductory text for publishing students and job-hunters. Wide coverage, including historical context, industry sectors, publishing functions and career advice. From the book: “In the transition from printed books to digital publishing, the ways in which authors’ works can be sold are multiplying. The ‘book’ as a printed container of content represents a too restructuve view. In […]

Davies & Balkwill: The Professionals’ Guide to Publishing

Cover of Davies and Balkwill, The Professionals' Guide to Publishing

A straightforward guide to working in the publishing industry, covering the key functions and sharing career advice. From the book: “Working with authors is one of the greatest pleasures but also one of the most difficult aspects of the job. Earlier we pointed out that publishing is almost unique in that the creators of the […]

Baverstock, Bowen & Carey: How to Get a Job in Publishing

Cover of Baverstock, How to get a Job in Publishing

A practical guide introducing different types of publishing and sharing information about how to find, apply for, interview and negotiate your first job in publishing. From the Foreword by Richard Charkin: “When I started in the publishing business finding a job was a matter of who you knew or (as in my case) pure luck. […]