Athill: Stet

Cover of Athill, Stet: An Editors Life

A memoir of a literary editor’s career and her work with authors such as V. S. Naipaul and Jean Rhys. “A publishing firm is a complicated business which has to buy, sell and manufacture or cause to be manufactured. What it buys and sells is products of people’s imaginations, the materials for making books, and a variety of […]

Butcher’s Copy-editing

Cover of Copy-editing, Butcher

The authoritative reference for copy-editors, proofreaders, desk editors, production editors and other editorial staff. Covers how to prepare text and illustrations for designers and typesetters, the ground rules of house styles and how to read and correct proofs. Contains useful examples and checklists. From the book: “Look at the general organization. Are subheadings and numbered […]