Lyons & Rayner: The Academic Book of the Future

Cover of Lyons and Rayner, The Academic Book of the Future

A contributed collection exploring the future of the academic book and scholarly publishing from the perspective of academics, publishers, libraries and booksellers. An open-access output from the AHRC-funded Academic Book of the Future Project. From the book: “Whatever the new functions of the ‘book’ are to be, they will be influenced by the existing scaffolding […]

Bhaskar: The Content Machine

Cover of Bhaskar, The Content Machine

The Content Machine is a concise study of the past and present of publishing that outlines a theory of publishing based on content, market making and making public. From the book: “Disintermediation and copyright are hardly the only issues on a publisher’s agendas. For the most part they aren’t even near the top. The following […]

Miller: Reluctant Capitalists

Cover of Miller, Reluctant Capitalists

Reluctant Capitalists is a research study of 100 years of American bookselling that explores consumer behaviour and changing bookselling practices. From the book: “Aside from classification considerations, the physical arrangement of books has a large impact on browsers’ likelihood of making a purchase. Books displayed face out, rather than spine out, are more likely to […]