Lyons & Rayner: The Academic Book of the Future

Cover of Lyons and Rayner, The Academic Book of the Future

A contributed collection exploring the future of the academic book and scholarly publishing from the perspective of academics, publishers, libraries and booksellers. An open-access output from the AHRC-funded Academic Book of the Future Project. From the book: “Whatever the new functions of the ‘book’ are to be, they will be influenced by the existing scaffolding […]

Morris et al: The Handbook of Journal Publishing

Cover of Morris et al, The Handbook of Journal Publishing

A practical guide to the process of publishing journals. From the book: “We should not forget that changes in printing technology made a huge difference to scholarly communication long before the advent of computers, let alone the Internet. Indeed, the first published journals were themselves the successors of correspondence between scientists on the one hand, […]

Campbell: Academic and Professional Publishing

Cover of Campbell, Academic and Professional Publishing

A contributed volume that reviews changes in academic and professional publishing and the approaches publishers are using to adapt to new challenges. Has an emphasis on journal publishing. From the book: “As in any business, it is critical to understand the needs of stakeholders and dynamics of the market, and this is no different for […]